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Making  a  purchase  could  not  be  easier. After  browsing  the  catalogue  select  the  item  you  wish  to  purchase  by  using the  ‘BUY  NOW’  link  and  you  will  be  taken  to  the  PayPal  payment  and  login  page  where  you  will  be  given  the option  of  using  your  own  PayPal  account  if  you  have  one.    If  not  then  follow  the  on-screen  instructions  for payment  by  credit  or  debit  card.  

Please  review  your  purchase,  making  any  changes  where  appropriate.  once  you are happy with your order proceed with your payment. Once  your  card  details  have  been  processed  you  will  receive  an  automatic  receipt  from  PayPal  detailing  the amount  of  money  that  has  been  debited  from  your  account  as  well  as  a  unique  ID  number  which  you  should  use  if any problems arise.  Purchases will be shown as PAYPAL*MILLERART on your credit card/bank statement.


Telephone Ordering


If  you  choose  to  place  your  order  via  telephone  this  will  be  processed  through our  sister  site  DavidMillerArt  using the  Worldpay  on-line  payment  system  WorldAccess  and  NOT  PayPal.    Once  your  details  have  been  validated  and passed  by  WorldAccess  you  will  receive  an  automated  receipt  detailing  the  value  of  your  payment  and  a  unique transaction  ID.  At  the  same  time  I  will  receive  notification  that  your  submission  has  been  successful  and  I  will then  be  able  to  complete  your  order.  If  you  do  not  have  an  email  address  a  printed  receipt  will  be  sent  with  your purchase.

All orders are subject to the following terms and conditions:


Print Descriptions


Whilst  every  care  has  been  taken  to  provide  an  accurate  representation  of  the  prints  and  paintings  available  for purchase,  this  does  not  guarantee  a  perfect  reproduction  of  the  original  as  scanning  techniques,  individual  screen sizes  and  settings  will  alter  individual  colour  reproduction.  To  help  you  make  your  selection  approximate  sizes  of all  prints  and  paintings  have  been  included  in  the  catalogue.  These  are  for  guidance  only  and  should  not  be  taken as exact measurements. 

If you require exact measurements for framing purposes please email me,




In  accordance  with  international  copyright  law,  copyright  of  all  works  displayed  on  this  site  remain  the  property  of the  artist.  No  copying  of  the  work  in  any  form,  for  any  purpose,  private  or  commercial,  is  allowed  without  prior agreement in writing from the artist.




All  goods  offered  for  sale  through  this  website  are  priced  in  Pounds  Sterling  (GBP)  and  are  not  subject  to  VAT. Prices  do  not  include  postage,  which  will  be  added  at  the  checkout  stage.    Prices  are  subject  to  change  without notice and the prices displayed on this website supersede any others which may have been previously quoted.


Lisa Miller Fine Art respects your privacy and will not trade or rent your name,  email  address, address  or  telephone number  to  any  third  part  other  than  where  necessary  to  fulfil  orders.


 Any  information  you  provide  is  strictly confidential. Your  information  is  only  retained  by  me  if  you  have  specifically  asked  to  be  added  to  my  mailing  list  or  requested further  details  on  a  product.    As  a  result  I  will  not  email  you  unless  you  have  given  your  consent.    You  can  request to be removed from my mailing list at any time.  Cookies are used on this site via PayPal but only to keep track of the contents of your shopping basket. I  have  no  access  to  your  credit/debit  card  details.  These  are  collected  separately  by  PayPal  UNLESS  you  have elected  to  complete  your  purchase  by  telephone.  These  details  are  transferred  to  one  of  Worldpay’s  secure  sites directly  and  any  paperwork  is  destroyed/shredded  once  the  transaction  has  been  completed.



If  you  have  any questions regarding privacy you can email me or telephone directly.

The  laws  of  England  and  Wales  apply  to  any  transaction  on  this  site  and  the  Courts  of  England  are  the  Courts  of Jurisdiction.


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